Saturday, January 2, 2016

Power of Prayer: Sahaj Marg Snippet

This incident happened in 1945. Rev. Chariji Maharaj narrated this incident to a few abhyasis in 1985.

One day, some dacoits entered the house of sis. Kasturi, who lived in Lakhimpur Kheri. The dacoits started to threaten sis. Kasturi with guns. She simply sat in Prayer.  Rev. Babuji Maharaj was in Shahjahanpur at that time and he received this prayer. So, Babuji Maharaj started transmitting. The dacoits, all of a sudden, threw their guns down, prostrated at the feet of sis. Kasturi and told her with folded hands, "Behenji, please forgive us, we have come to a wrong house". Saying this, they ran away. 

Rev. Chariji told us, "You see the power of the Prayer".

The aspect of Prayer is a key element of the Sahaj Marg practice. It is like a “Connecting Link”. When an abhyasi puts himself in a deep supplicant mood and offers prayer, the Master is in some way able to hear the prayer, and the prayer is answered. Chariji Maharaj says, our Sahaj Marg Prayer is like a switch, which, when turned on, allows electricity to pass through and turn on the light or any other appliance. Similarly, by uttering the Sahaj Marg Prayer just once, a connection with the Master is created, and the flow of transmission commences thereafter.

Shri Kamlesh Patel, the current President of Shri Ram Chandra Mission ( has also talked about Sahaj Marg Prayer. Regarding the night-time prayer, Kamlesh D Patel said that suggest to yourself that all night through, I will remain connected to Master and as soon as I get up, I will meditate again. I will invite Master with my conscious mind now and will remain connected throughout the sleep hours. One other aspect that Kamlesh Patel mentions is the attitude of Prayer, about how very lovingly we invite Master and this love creates vibrations in the heart. This key element of love and humility is essential when we offer prayer to the divine. 
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