Thursday, January 14, 2016

Music and Sahaj Marg: Chariji Maharaj

This nice little snippet is narrated by Dr. Sanskrit Kannan, an SRCM Preceptor (Prefect)

The incident happened in 1985 at Gayatri, the residence of Shri Parthasarathi Rajagopalachari, Chariji Maharaj, Spiritual Master of Sahaj Marg

One sister Abhyasi told Rev. Chariji Maharaj, " my music teacher says that in Kali Yuga,  music will take one to liberation ".

Rev. Chariji Maharaj " It is not correct ".

Abhyasi, " how can you say this?"

Rev. Chariji Maharaj, " music will not take you anywhere in spirituality ".

Abhyasi, " Lord Rama came before Saint Thyagaraja. He saw the Lord.  Otherwise he could not have written like this".

Rev. Chariji Maharaj,  " well, Wordsworth has written so wonderfully about Nature.  Does it mean that he saw everything? "

Abhyasi,  "No, it's all imagination ".

Rev. Chariji Maharaj, " So too in the case of Saint Thyagaraja. "

The Abhyasi got angry and said, " well you don't accept anyone as great except your Master, Babuji Maharaj. "

Rev. Chariji Maharaj laughed and said, " I am only saying what I heard from my Master. Music cannot take you to higher levels in spirituality.  I can add that had I wanted,  I could have been a great musician ".

Abhyasi, " Then what drove you away from Music and towards Sahaj Marg? "

Rev. Chariji Maharaj, laughingly, " my samskaras ".

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