Friday, October 24, 2008

Strength, Wisdom and Acceptance


The proof of strength is in not evincing strength, not using strength. Babuji said, "Strength should never be used. It should be there, but never used." Like knowledge. We are not always using knowledge. We have a library of books for reference.


So where is wisdom? Wisdom must be permanent. Babuji said that a fool is wise after the event but not for long. A wise man is wise during the event. He knows, and now he will not do it again. A saint is wise before the event. He doesn't have to see to know; he doesn't have to experience to know.


I am reminded of a story where a man is walking with his son aged eighteen. He goes home and his son goes to the market. Somebody comes and tells him that his son had an accident and has broken his leg. He says, "Everything happens for the good." So the other man says, "What is this old fellow? He is a damn fool. His son's leg is broken and he says, 'Everything is for the good.'" Then there is a war declared with the neighbouring country. He says, "Everything happens for the good." [Laughter] All the young men are called up and his son is missing, somebody says, "It is a good thing your son had a broken leg." He says, "I told you everything happens for the good." [Laughter]

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