Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Life of Service: A Sahaj Marg Perspective

"To serve entails that one's life is no longer one's own and that, in a way, one makes oneself available to deal with it. In this field, more than elsewhere, one should make choices that meet one's profound aspiration to devote oneself to service without any materialistic motive. Everyone's karma is full of opportunities to find fulfilment in keeping with one's personal capabilities. Many of our aspirants engage in service, keenly aware of this reality."

In USA, we have what is called as the AAA policy, which is an Emergency roadside service. One SRCM preceptor jokingly told me once, that in Sahaj Marg also, we have a AAA policy. That is, an abhyasi who wants to follow the path of service must be "AVAILABLE, ACCESSIBLE, APPROACHABLE". As Babuji Maharaj says above, make oneself available. But, Babuji says very clearly that there should not be any motive behind this service. Even though here it talks only about material motive, as a matter of fact, the best way of approach to service is to not have any motive or expectation at all, be it material or even spiritual. Our Master, Chariji Maharaj and Shri. Kamlesh D. Patel have both mentioned time and again, about the idea of not having any expectations towards anything that we do. The only "output" of any work should be that the work or service should produce the desired results, and it is for this result alone that we work. Not for any self-aggrandisement, or for any expectation of the self. 

Another beautiful point hidden in this message above is that this life of service is a "CHOICE". This choice arises out of a deep aspiration to follow such a life, a life which is life-changing in its every sense of the meaning of that word. That is, it changes the course of life itself for that person who made that choice to serve. Sahaj Marg offers such a choice, and Shri Ram Chandra Mission organization has many such selfless individuals who have chosen this life of service, epitomized by the life of the Master, Shri. Kamlesh D. Patel and the Masters before him, who have lived such a life of complete dedication and service, to help and support those who come to them for their spiritual growth and progress. 
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