Friday, November 27, 2015

Retaining Condition by Chariji Maharaj

In 1985, One young abhyasi asked Rev. Chariji Maharaj, " will Master help me in retaining the condition..? "

Rev. Chariji Maharaj said, " It is your responsibility. God would give only rain. He would not construct dams or lakes to preserve the water. It is your responsibility.  Similarly the boss would only give salary to you. You have to save money out of it. If you spend it on unnecessary things, it is not his fault. So you have to retain the condition bestowed on you."

On another occasion, when he was asked about Constant Remembrance,  He told that to retain the condition bestowed on you in the sittings,  is Constant Remembrance. It is subtler than mere Remembrance.

However, He cautioned another time," Remembrance of even Ultimate Reality is only a Remembrance and not the Reality Itself.

- Chariji Maharaj

Observation: Master Kamlesh D. Patel has given an extensive talk in July 2015 Bhandara about retaining the condition to all abhyasis. These talks are available in site. 
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