Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Babuji always praised women. He said, "Woman only knows love, because she sends her children out to school, she sends her husband out to the office, and patiently waits until they come back, prayerfully perhaps, but patiently." Because prayer cannot supplant patience. Patience also shows faith that this will happen.

Heart Speak 2004, vol. 2, p. 73-74 -Rev. Chariji

Impatience shows lack of faith. "No, no, I want it now." You will have it when you are to have it. When it is good for you to have it - even in spiritual values, even spiritual blessings. He knows, the Giver knows, when you are ready for it.

Heart Speak 2004, vol. 2, p. 74 –Rev. Chariji
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