Monday, September 29, 2008


When we come to Sahaj Marg, and we are taught and we believe and we accept the teaching that it is our samskaras which make us responsible for our existence, then we have to face the blame very squarely for the first time ourselves. Therefore, the feelings of guilt are much more terrible in a spiritual system. Why? Because we cannot possibly run away from ourselves. It is easy to run away from the home or from the church or even from your country, but where can you run away from yourself? So, that is as far as the situation is concerned. How to change it? We know very well, you see. Do the cleaning better, forget the feeling of guilt and deposit even that feeling with the Master. And then take the next very important, but more difficult step of changing your way of life, so that in the future there should be no guilt. The way is: right thought, leading to right action, leading to feelings of satisfaction, achievement and ability to face the self and say, "Yes, you are good," and then progress.
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